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The Drag Race: Fear the mighty Monza!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! also saturday, but actualy Friday.

Last year, I made it in to the 16 second range... but this year: I have Nitrous!

I started my first two passes with no nitrous. 15.5 seconds. Not bad. 1 and a half seconds faster than last year. But the competition was tight. I started putting on the Nitrous in 2nd gear, and got the car well into the 14s. A very fast RX3 turbo inspired me to hit the funny stuff in 1st, and I got a 14.6. 14.6, and 14.6 again. I just wasn't getting faster. But someone suggested I try open exhaust and lose the power steering pump. I thought about it, and then my alternator belt exploded.

After 4 trips to the parts store trying to get the right belt, I took off my exhaust at the Y pipe behind the engine, and since I had the PS pump belt off anyway...

14.129 seconds!

Unfortunately, 5 others were faster in my class, including a heavily nitroused junkyard 5.0 Mustang! Draggin the Champ!

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