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This page has a listing of some popular resources that many new users employ to help them familiarize themselves with the mighty buzzword "Internet". As you can see, even these "friendly" guides fall under a bit of a "user beware" category. An Intelligent Animated Agent could help put the user at ease, and iron out many of the rough spots in a domain where all varieties of people have input.

Sources for Guides

Internet Guides

Internet Search Engines

Internet Entertainment

Brian Vetter's Animated Agent Links

CMU School of Computer Science
First International Conference on Multiagent Systems
UMBC Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology
UMBC Intelligent Software Agents Resources
The Institute for the Learning Sciences
The Animate Agent Project / University of Chicago
Adaptive Intelligent Systems: A Quick Summary
CKC home page
Media-Lab Welcome
Pattie Maes' Home Page
The Autonomous Agents Group

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