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I sold the Monza recently for 2 4-packs of Guinness. Yummm!


My mom's 1975 5.7L Monza Towne Coupe after it was hit by a chimmeny

After: My monza at the races.

The proof: authentic California only 5.7L badges. The emmissions sticker has similar opines. Also says 2 degrees advance spark timing.

Front wheel well, after taking out the crispy naughty bits.

My buddy Jason with a leaf blower.

I got a rear anti-sway bar and KYB gas shocks.

You can see the frame crack just left of center of the picture. Several "structural" sheets meet at the rear of the front lower control arms. There's really nothing to hold it on, so it cracks, putting more strain on the front K member. Eventualy, the lower control arm would have fallen off if nothing was done. I had a similar crack on the other side.

My plasma cutter kicks ass! Here's a stensil and 1/8" steel plate cut for a gussett.

Frame repaired. I welded the perimeter and skip welded all the seams so the stronger gussett won't pull apart the many wafers of sheetmental holding the car together as per factory spec.

Yucky solid, grooved, burnt '75 Monza rotors.

Nice, vented '80 Monza rotors. I had to grind the spindal a bit to get clearance. Much thicker than the '75.

Ouch! Gotta get that fixed... after I put on all my speed parts!

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