Sean's Mustang Page

What a wreck. I paid too much for it, but I feel good anyhow. I'm going to document this "restoration" as I go. This is what happens to people with too much time and a digital camera. In the foreground, for the curious, is my Chubby Monza with a factory installed California 350 V8. I'll fix that one up when I'm bored with the Mustang. VERY bored.

On to matters of Mustang: I'm not doing a ground up off frame restoration because:

  1. I don't have a garage,
  2. I don't have a garage,


  3. I don't have a garage. I do have a little experience, and a landlord that so far isn't too concerned that I'm going to do mig welding in his back yard. I'll have to ask him if he has a 20 amp 110 line in his kitchen though. . .I have a very long extension chord :-)


    The horror! Oh the horror!

    I'm going to try to leave this page alone so that I will be reminded of the error of my ways.

    Except I thought I'd tout my new possession. It's a

    1965 A code coupe.

    Watch this space for details.

    As this beast (the '68) goes through its metamorphasis, I will add pages to show what I'm doing. Herin lies the links to this car as it happens. Just to let you know, its a 289 2bbl, obviously a 68 fastback, factory air, PS, standard drums all around, C4 tranny, 190,000 miles, and in dire need of a friend or a good junk dealer. I'm her friend.

    Here's that "factory air" that made the car so attractive. All over its fold down rear seat.

    My home page if you're in to that sort of thing.